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High class hoedowns for the gritty girls of the world.
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The Eat Pray F* You Hoedown Series 
The Next Hoedown is July 21ST
At The Dolphin Bay Resort from 11am to 5pm
Join us for "Rocking Your Relationship"
  • Join rebel coach and neurolinguistic programming practitioner (NLP) Jen Narragon for A day of celebration, self exploration, transformation, and meet your newest community of soulful and gritty women.
  • You'll be overlooking the tranquil waters of the Pacific Ocean in a  bohemian inspired lounge, as you indulge in a day of self-discovery and deep introspection.  We'll kick the day off with an outdoor dining experience and an opportunity to foster old relationships and create new ones with our icebreaker deep dive.
  • We launched the EPFY series with "Shadow and Essential Nature" and will continue with the work  by moving into the topic of anxiety and human design.  Generally speaking, women tend to nurture everyone but themselves by juggling and multitasking in their family, career, causes, and everything else they have going on that they eventually hit a wall and find themselves barely able to come up for air, struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, and depression.
  • Self-care and well-being are vital for a long and healthy life, yet in our culture today, we have not learned how to create a sustainable and thriving practice.  Instead, we model for our children and family that busy is the new black.  We challenge you to create a new dialogue when it comes to self-care, a friend once said "busy is the new lazy" and we over here at team EPFY laughed at the concept and embraced the idea to create something different.
  • Join us for a deep dive into getting to look at all parts of yourself, learning about the darkness and the light side of transformation and learn how you can learn to begin embracing all of it.

Pricing for each hoedown, lunch, and celebratory toast is
 $98 per person

Dates are:

SOLD OUT Shadow and Essential Nature

SOLD OUT The Anxiety Party, learning how to embrace this very human experience we call anxiety as a powerful tool to thrive with Clinical Psychologist and Human Design Expert Heidi Seastrand

7/21/2019 "Rocking Your Relationships" In this EPFY hoedown, we are taking a deep dive into your romantic life and talking all things sex, love, and rock and roll. Whether you're in a relationship, ready to be in one, or just ended one, this workshop is for you. 

8/17/2019 Eat Pray F* Being Broke, A Vowel Renewal With The Benjamin$

9/29/2109 The Anger Release Project, learn to discover anger, get cozy with it and release it in an unconventional and dare I say fun way?

10/27/2019 The Design Your Life Lab, take a deep dive into creating the road map to have everything you could want and more out of life

11/17/2019 A Gal Just wants to have Fun; The EPFY Slumber-less Slumber Party... a day of girlfriends, pampering, and indulgence 

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Meet Team EPFY
Founder Jen Narragon is an NLP practicioner and rebel coach, an unconventional  life coach, business development strategist and strategic connector who is out in the world helping those she works with to see that it's ok to be human; gritty, messy, fantastic, awesome, anxious, depressed, daring, bold, beautiful, fabulous, furious, fierce, and all around authentic.

In her twenty years in the world of personal development, Jen saw a gap in the industry with a face that leads you to believe that transformational work is filled with meditation, yoga, green juice, joy, positivity, love, light, and all things "oh happy happy joy joy"... she found that it's just not that way,  her philosophy is to embrace all parts of the human experience, the messy unkempt and the radiance and power.

Meet Krysta, our experiential curator for the EPFY High Class Hoedowns.
This girl is the package, the real deal, the all around soulful siren. We talked a while back about the vision for EPFY and what we saw was missing in the world of self help and she took exactly what was inside of our hearts and brains and orchestrated a five star experience that was a complete reflection of what we had envisioned.
Krysta is not only amazing in her professional world, she’s also out doing the work in the world as a heart-led soul-dier, ensuring that each event she curates has meaning and magic.

Allow us to introduce our gatekeeper; the connector, the gatherer, the idea generator... the amazing Tyler came on board with team EPFY because she saw the vision, passion, and potential behind EPFY and everything we stand for.  She’s our gatekeeper and holds us to the vision we set out to create. As we expand our work, she knows our values are in aligning with businesses that ere ethical, sustainable, and share the passion for equality, conscious living, and grassroots philanthropy.
We acknowledge and give big shout outs to this fierce and soulful lioness🦁#shecantbetamed and we love her for it!🙌🏻
Check out this chic chick, meet the official EPFY nun, Yoya . Spirituality is a big part of the work we do over here in EPFY-ville, it’s certainly an area we aim to grow. EPFY's  to smash social norms and challenge perceived judgements we all tend to carry. Yoya has a diverse background in all of the areas of spirituality and organized religion. She knows how to hold space for others, how to tap in to her inner wisdom to move through this world with bliss and grace and a splash of sass. Our intention is that when we hold our high class hoe downs, we create a space where ALL are welcome whether religious, spiritual, atheists, or a believer in the power of nature and praying with trees and rocks . Opening and closing each event with ritual and intentions that serve all is next on the docket, all made possible with Yoya’s divine wisdom and energy and her diverse travels with spirit. This gal is sunshine and magic and has a laugh that sparks joy, you’ll always remember the melodic sound of a Yoya chuckle.💗
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